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 Last fiscal year (July 1, 2011 to June 30, 2012), Allen G. Aaronson ('48) promised to donate $200,000 if we set a new record for the number of individuals supporting the Baruch College Fund. Your contribution helped us meet and exceed the challenge by 222 donors (for a total of 6,286 donors)thank you!

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 Are you a member of the 17 Lex Society? This is Baruch College's prestigious leadership society. You can become a member by contributing $1,000 or more annually. Learn more >

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 Max W. Berger ('68) promises to donate $30K to the student (senior) gift campaign if more than 750 students make a gift to the Baruch College Fund by June 30th. Join the challenge. Your gift of any amount counts.

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 Are you a member of the Baruch Benchmark Society? This is a society for individuals who have chosen to support Baruch students and the college past their lifetimes. Learn more >

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